About the Abstract Artist….


Zoe Selfie in Studio
Zoe Selfie in Studio

Abstract…. that word tells you a great deal about me already.
I view many things as abstract construction. My own personal perception.


Abstract Art Defined: “artistic content depends on internal form rather than pictorial representation”

I feel deeply and experience life at the gut level. My abstract artwork is the avenue I use to express these emotions and my impressions of what is.

As a small child I would sing to the stars, that was a very magical and joyful time for me. I have again experienced that magical joy as an adult when creating art!

Abstract Art is my forte. I have done landscapes, and what I call ‘oceanscapes’ as well as portraits, from an abstract approach. And I don’t stop there, I have made nesting tables and lampshades and eye pillows and Dream Catchers…

I love all of my abstract pieces in one way or another. The pleasure of seeing what I can create, the beauty that I can demonstrate through abstraction, is very satisfying.

As I live with these pieces, I continually find new images within them and new perceptions of them. Everything as abstract expression.

This is my time to share those things that have made the difference for me. Those things that have expanded me as a spiritual being having a human experience. Revealing my inner most emotions, actually being expressed through my abstract artwork, my abstract paintings!

I am Diva Zoe = “Powerful Woman of Life”

The image above is but a small portion of the 8′ x 3′ abstract painting, acrylic on paper that is entitled, “My Imagination”.  I painted this piece in February 2001.  It is also my cover page header. I remember being so happy and smiling the entire time. It was with lightheartedness that I approached this large piece of white ocean.

I get so many different responses to this piece….let me know what you think or feel.. Z

SPECIAL NOTE: I apologize that the photography of my paintings it is not exactly the best. I am working on that!   I’m a painter, not a very good photographer.  Many Thanks, Zoe

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