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 May 2000

This is absolutely one of my favorite pieces. I created this piece in May of the year 2000. I believe it can draw you into it’s depths if you give it enough time and attention….

It is Process. All things are process. The process of being born, the process of growing up, the process of aging, and finally, the process of dying……

..as you see, this  painting was a process, my sharing it was a process, you’re viewing it is a process…..Everything is a Process….Thank God! Amen.

Acrylic on paper, 32″ x 40″, unframed.  Price: 1,305.00* Sale Price $550.oo

*Prints available



May 14, 2011 


My interpretation of the northwest coast of Kauai, Hawaii.  This is an  abstract that I categorize as  oceanscape.

It is a work of love and honesty. I spent 12 glorious days on Kauai in 1996.  It was just what I needed and I adored the tempo, gentleness and vast greenery of this Island.  The scented flowers, the warm ocean water so clear you can see the ocean floor in the shallows.

The NaPali coast seemed a stark difference with it’s giant, swirled rock formations. The only way into this part of the island was by boat or a lengthy hike through the ‘jungle’.

I experienced a very deep emotional cleansing during my time on Kauai, November 1996. Such a heavenly place. I cried the day I had to leave. Then a long time island dweller told me that if I was meant to return, the island would call me back. This idea was well received and had a very calming effect on me that day.

I did not want to leave but had to go back to “my life” as it was and make the changes I had come to know as my “new life!”  Things got a little worse for a minute and then much better for a long time and still and still…. Peace!

Acrylic on Paper,  32″ x 40″, framed.   Price: 2,800.00 * Sale Price $1550.oo

*Prints available



 May 24, 2011:


After a luxury, two week stay on Maui I created this piece out of my mind’s eye. I was intrigued with this little strip of land.  It offered some of the best snorkeling to be found in that area.

I had stayed on the windward side of the island in Kihei, Maui. Another of the most beautiful places on this earth. This smaller piece of real estate, I painted, seemed to me, perfectly named for it’s proximity to Molokai.

I have been blessed to be able to spend time on these islands and look forward to returning sometime soon. Enjoy…Peace!

Acrylic on Paper, 32″ x 40″, framed.   Price: 2,800.00 * Sale Price $1550.oo

*Prints available



June 6, 2011


An evening moonrise as I saw it. Staying on the windward side of Maui we were able to see Molokai across the water. That is the land mass pictured. On this side, on Maui, there was a large lawn that made it’s way out to the small, rocky beach area.

Every evening the sky was dazzling with sunsets of every color only to be followed by just as beautiful moonrises. I wanted to paint the moonrise as most everyone paints the beautiful sunsets.

With this, the last official piece in the “Hawaiian Beauty Series”  I was again so taken with the play of color and light and water. Words cannot explain the beauty. I really thank God for these earthly creations.

As part of a series of pieces, these three were created as a memory of my days on the islands. They include NaPali, Molokini and featured here Kihei.

I was fortunate to be able to enjoy Kauai and Maui for extended periods. I am most thankful to my benefactors for these experiences. Enjoy! Peace…..Z

NOTE: These last three paintings conclude the “Hawaiian Beauty Series”.

Acrylic on Paper, 32″ x 40″, framed.   Price: 2,800.00 *Sale Price $1550.oo

*Prints available


D's Purple Rose
D’s Purple Rose

June 13, 2011

Painted this one for a friend, a very good friend, that happens to be an excellent gardener. His specialty is flowers. Beautiful, big blooms. He photographs them with dew dripping and all brilliant with light.

He sent me some of these pics. One of them took my breath away. It was an exquisite Purple Rose! It was so beautiful I offered to paint it for him.

Funniest thing ever, is that I had tried to create an exact replica when I am an abstract artist!  Upon seeing the final product, He was sure it was not his rose that I had painted and I was sure that it was his rose I had painted.

Anyway, this piece was fun and collaborative. One of many paintings based on pics and designed especially for someone.  I love the finished product. I feel the essence of his perfect purple rose in my abstract expression. Uh-huh!

Thanks again D…I will not forget the fun we had creating this one! Z

Acrylic on Paper, 22″ x 28″, unframed.   Price: 4,444.oo *  NFS

*Prints available


Free and Easy
Free and Easy


 June 27, 2011







Acrylic on Paper, 22″ x 28″, unframed.   Price: $1,080.oo * Sale Price $590.oo

*Prints available



December 5, 2011 

I like this topic, Boundaries, it means so much to so many. I came to this piece from several directions.  I was, at first, changing my background for effect. As I went about doing that, I thought of the view from an airplane when flying cross-country. The way you can see patches of land and crops, seemingly borders in the landscape.

I then though about people…those with strong boundaries and every other variation down to no boundaries including blurry boundaries.  The different colors can represent the intensities or lack in each ‘boundary’.

In the end, it was another piece that was gifted to me..starting with blank paper and movement of brush to paint and then paper as the visions come. Sometimes it feels like auto-pilot, I have no clue where things are going and just keep moving as the energy provides.

Acrylic on paper,  22″ x 32″, unframed.  Price:  1,025.00* Sale Price $540.oo

*Prints available


Our World
Our World

January 19, 2012

This piece is from 1991. One of the first real ‘paintings’ I ever attempted.

It was appropriate for the time warp…lol! I had just gotten married and moved across the country… it might as well have been the world.

To go from New York to Idaho, talk about culture shock.

My World/Now Our World was jumbled to say the least.

My husband, at the time, was an artist, a painter. I had always sketched and drawn with pencil, pen, crayons, markers, even charcoal…but paint, that had intimidated me.

After watching him create and listening to to the reasons why he chose certain media I lost the fear and went for it. I have a number of ‘first’ year pieces that I will share with you in the coming months. Enjoy! Peace, Zoe

Special Thanks to: Christopher Frazier

Mixed media on paper, 18″ x 26″, framed.  Price: $475.00* Sale Price $220.oo

*Prints available


Heart Story
Heart Story

February 2012

Acrylic on paper. A Piece I created during a special ‘Heart Opening Session’ in San Francisco on Valentine’s Day 1998.

We, my sister Katrina and I, went to this session with a heart-full fun lady in SF.  It was a spiritual healing and opening of the heart…as well as an experience of depth and weight in my world.

I try to demonstrate the feeling I had that day.  That the heart should be free to love everyone.  Like the rings of a tree, each delineates the Heart’s journey or story in this lifetime.

There seemed to be an great opening that day to a place in my heart that was lacking light. A small but important piece of my heart was mended by that light. I am so grateful.  Peace!

Acrylic on paper, 12.5″ x 18″, unframed.  Price: $ 185.00* Sale Price $96.oo

*Prints available



April 2012

Can you hear it? or see it? or feel it?

What can you see? Is someone or something here Sssssss….Sssssss….that sound. Coming from within… perhaps….or not.

This piece invokes flames and winds swirling into and out of the Sssssss…. It is a thing of internal and external turmoil. It is ugly and beautiful, it is nothing and everything. It just is…Sssssss….

Acrylic on paper, 22″ x 32″, unframed, .  Price:  1,025.00* Sale Price $340.oo

*Prints available


Eagle Dancer

May 22, 2012

“Eagle Dancer”

This is a Kachina doll sketch. Kachina’s of this sort are made by the Hopi’s and are replicas of the elaborate costumes worn during sacred ceremonies.

The magnificent Eagle is the protector of all. Also, the most popular of all the Kachina  Dolls, it represents strength.

This is an 18″ x 24″ Acrylic on matt board. Price: $1,100.00 Sale Price $530.oo


Those Bloody Clowns
Those Bloody Clowns

“Those Bloody Clowns” (to be spoken with a British accent)

Since I am referencing a British term, “bloody”, which in my understanding can have many uses. For instance, or better yet, for this instance, it is a play on the word itself. Instead of sinister, wretched, f”ing, messy, strange, frustrating or funny…..I used “bloody”, you get the idea.

There is also actual blood depicted, the oozy, dippy red streaks could be seen as blood. Keep in mind that whatever you see is correct. This is merely my interpretation of the images.

The background is not pure white, it is more like the ‘white face’ that clowns apply to their skin. The colors of white, black, red and gold are those that remind me most of clowns.

A true tongue-in-cheek piece…lol! …Enjoy!

Acrylic on Canvas, 20″ x 24″ .  Price: $1,002.oo Sale Price $480.oo


Search Within


July 25, 2012

I love this piece. It has such softness. The colors seemed to blend on their own.

Working on canvas has been a very nice change. I must thank the woman who donated all these canvases for me to use…..Thank YOU so very much Kathleen!

People who create/build/piece together/ solve problems/do puzzles, they understand the kind of feeling you get when everything flows, as if everything happens automatically.

I believe it takes you to a place of knowing yourself, your Divine self. The heart of you that is home to God. Your inner depth. Your soul.

Sweet, soft and mild journeying. Enjoy!

Acrylic on Canvas; 20″ x 24″.   Price: $1,400.00 Sale Price $590.oo


♥ for E

August 4, 2012

Love is all there is.

Again, it came to me as an underwater kind of fluid and merging piece. The colors were just right, very little mixing needed. All in all this piece flowed, directly from my heart.

Much Love! Special Love to You E!   Peace! Zoe

Acrylic on Canvas, 20″ x 24″,  Price: $1,550.00 Sale Price $960.oo


September 24, 2012

Fun creation! Was made out of Joy and Love of color! Another of those that came from somewhere?! I love that I get Blessed with this outlet to express my deepest feelings.

Of course, I don’t always realize that is what I am doing, at the time. I was wandering a bit, I was turned around a few times..

And so that is how it is with creations from the inside…one never knows how they will end up appearing on the outside. Enjoy! Love & Peace! Z

Acrylic on Canvas, 20″ x 24″,  Price: $1,100.00 Sale Price $680.oo


The END of this Gallery.



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