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"My Imagination"
My Imagination

I painted this piece in February 2001.  I remember being so happy and smiling the entire time. It was with lightheartedness that I approached this large piece of white ocean.

At first I hung the paper on the wall and did some solid color applications as they came out of my brush.  After that dried, I placed it on the floor and dripped and dropped paint in a scattered fashion. To finish, I put it back on the wall to add highlight markings, etc.

I get so many different responses to this piece….let me know what you think or feel.. Z

Shown above is a portion of the 8′ x 3′ acrylic on paper.  Price: $4,445.oo* New Sale Price $2200.

*Prints available



April 2009

Yes, I painted this piece with my b**bs!

(It was great fun and a follow up to “My A**” painting which was done in one sitting, no pun intended. : ) )

Anyway, the original idea came from an Internet friend named Ingrid. Hello Ingrid, I hope you come across this one day.  So I was feeling stagnant and was looking for something new and exciting to do artistically.  Ingrid said, paint with your butt!  My eyes lit up!

To me it seemed a wicked thing to do…Awesome!  Mom used to say my middle name was wicked…so I proceeded to do an oval canvas piece with my butt cheeks….And that is another story…I digress.

From that suggestion I thought about how there are people that paint holding a brush between their teeth or their toes. To me, this was going one step further. I used what has been one or should I say two of my assets since about the 7th grade.

Another reason why I use acrylics, they are water-based and clean up easily. I did this piece in the bathroom or more precisely in the shower. Like a kid playing with finger paints, I had a great time creating this one. LOL!  Z

Acrylic on paper, 32″ x 40″, unframed.  Price: $1,875.oo* Sale Price $622.oo

*Prints available


The I of the Storm
The I of the Storm

 September 2004 

 Completed during a time in my life that I found myself surrounded by one storm after another.

I was homeless for the first time and last time in my life.  I lived in my ’88 Honda Civic for many weeks.  I made use of local parks and beaches. I was trying to find the ‘I’ that had been lost in the storm.  The ‘Storm’ being living with an active addiction.  The addict, was imprisoned, I could not afford the rent by myself.  I found myself having to face many things I had been hiding with my drug of choice, Denial.  Potent stuff that denial!

The peaks and valleys, the light and the dark all swirling as if a storm was on the constant rise. This piece reminds me of that time and the fact that I am no longer The I of the Storm. That storm has ended. Thank God!

Acrylic on paper this is a 32″ x 40″, unframed.   Price: $1,999.oo* Sale Price $755.oo

*Prints available


Potted Growth
Potted Growth

What can I tell you about this one???    September 1999.

I believe the result of some problems in my garden that were reflecting the personal growth spurt I was experiencing.

One particular flower had taken over half the garden. At first, I was going to pull them all out. Then I settled with “it is what it is”. I watched nature take care of itself. It helped me to get behind my spurt and let it flow. Realizing it as part of my growth as a human.

All I can tell you now is that ‘My’ intention with this piece was very different than this resulting painting!

Acrylic on paper, 32″ x 40″, unframed.  Price: $1,000.oo* Sale Price $450.oo

*Prints available


















August 2001 

Another piece from a much darker time. It was after the dot.com crash but before 911..Yippee!

I was painting then to keep what little sanity still remained my own. I would put layers and layers of paint into these pieces and they would morph from simple landscapes of an abstract nature into dark and stormy places.

Honestly, I did not like this piece or many of the pieces I created during this time. Proof, for me, that they evoked an emotional response and were therefore to be saved for a later time.  I consider some of the many that I threw away and wonder if they were worthy and I could not see it then. It matters not, “it is what it is”. Amen.

Acrylic on paper 22″ x 28″, unframed.   Price: $1,070.oo* Sale Price $620.oo

*Prints available


Ke Ke Splash
Ke Ke Splash

February 2011

  As promised, a ‘happier’ piece. This is a mirror image of the coast at Pescadero Beach, CA, as I see it. This place is my favorite beach.  There are drift wood fortresses and sand dunes and so much space to enjoy the sun.

I created this piece in December 2004.  Yes, I was at the beach in December, one of the perks of living in California.  So there I was, watching the surf…admiring the waves and the power of the ocean. Life was all around me, the birds, the sky and the water, the water, oh the water.  With every splash against the rocks, a new scene to admire. A new configuration of light and water and rock.

The joy of the water was evident as it was spashed onto rocks only to slide back out to sea and return again and again.  I was caught up in this life force happening before my eyes.  The power of God in the water, on the rocks, in the sand, within the birds, in the sky…it all coalesced as One.

Notice to the right side there is small area, under a grass roof. A place to lounge in privacy behind the rocks. A respite of shade. All of it part of the One Love!

Acrylic on paper, 18″ x 23″, unframed.    Price: $1,005.oo* Sale Price $ 480.oo

*Prints available


Color Play
Color Play

 June 18, 2010

This is a fun and sort of frivalous piece. A bit of splashing color followed by colored pencil shadowing. It was summertime and sunny.

Another day in paradise was the feeling. I wanted to share that on paper in my own way. It felt so good to be free and see, come what may…. After the splashing fiesta, I left this painting on easel for several days. This happens sometimes, I may get the entire piece all at once or have the feeling it’s not complete and need to wait a while for the rest.

Then it came to me to use my colored pencils from Brazil. These pencils are made like small trees, with bark on the outside. A beautiful gift from a dear friend. I dedicate this piece to my dear friend Sandra J.  Thank you again for adding color and beauty to my life!

Life,  it’s all about relationships. We are together on this planet to be with one another. To relate. If that were not the purpose, I would live on planet Zoe by myself.

Today, I am very grateful for all the relationships in my life. I learn everyday how each one has been and is a true Blessing. Peace!

Acrylic and Colored Pencil on paper, 22″x 30″, unframed. Price: $1,105.oo* Sale Price $328.

*Prints available



 March 25, 2011

Surrender” came out of another project.

I was using varnish on the balcony and rested my brush on this paper.  When it dried there was this yellowish stain..I looked at it and began to add paint to it.

First by dribbling from a stick and then by splashing from a brush. The final touch was some black sesame seeds scattered about.  It all sounds and seemed so random and yet when it was done it was very clear to me.

To me it is the figure of a woman, in profile.  She is standing with her back arched and head and arms hung back. It is an opening of the heart and a complete Surrender to all that is. The stance a ballerina might use before or after leaping.  Akin to taking a leap of faith or surrendering.

This piece was showing at 400 City Center in Redwood City. It is a part of the show: Women’s View – 2011″. March 4 though April 29, 2011. This is the 7th Annual San Mateo County Women’s Art Show, and is open to women artists who live and/or work in San Mateo County and is sponsored by the San Mateo County Arts Commission and the Commission on the Status of Women in celebration of March as Women’s History Month.

I really love this piece, it reminds me daily of how I wish to live. Open hearted and surrendered to all that  is.  Peace!

Acrylic, oil and seeds on paper; 21″ x 16″, shadow box frame.  Price:$1,850.oo* New Sale Price $850.oo

*Prints available


 "Unnamed"March 31, 2011 

Prayer for Japan

I painted this piece during a prayer session for the devastating Earthquake (9.1) and following aftershocks and Tsunamis on the island of Japan on March 11, 2011.

I painted and prayed for the people of Japan and for our Sacred Mother Earth. I prayed that Fukushima Nuclear Plant would not have disastorous outcome. I felt the swirling water and the shaking earth, I heard the people’s outcries, the anguish and pain…I continued to paint until the paper was filled. I used my creative process as an offering, as prayer for Japan.  Peace!

Acrylic on paper,  28″ x 23″, unframed.    Price: $2,011.oo* Sale Price $945.oo

*Prints available    Proceeds to be donated to Relief for Japan.


Under the Sea
Under the Sea

 April 18, 2011

Funny thing about this painting is that it could be so many different things! People have claimed to see so many images within the painting. I almost left it as Unnamed but I do like to give an interpretation.

This piece burst forward on it’s own. As most do and yet, this one is different.  There was no flash of images, or colors during the preceding days. It just started with a  lot of blue and then other colors in different textures. Again, filling the page which seemed so very important then??   One never knows what dreams may come! Hope you enjoy! Peace!

Acrylic on paper, 32″ x 40″, unframed.   Price: 1,880.oo* Sale Price $820.oo

*Prints available



April 24, 2011

This piece was created in the early 2000’s. I was experimenting with letting go of the brush..letting it happen automatically if you will.

Out of that practice came many of my pieces, without deliberate intention to create a specific “thing” would come these lines and curves that would accumulate and be done when they were done.  No filling the  page in those days! lol!

I call this one Rascal because to me it looks like a bunny, a little rascal.  Can you see it?  I have shown this to others who again see many different things, people, animals, body parts, symbols…to me this is a bunny, with cotton tail and loppy ears! Hoppy Holiday! Peace!

Acrylic on Paper, 32″ x 40″, unframed.    Price: $1,150.oo* Sale Price $380.oo

*Prints available


“Celebrating Yin”

August 28, 2008.

I really like this piece, it was  certainly free flowing.. I had no agenda here just wanted to use some colors I love.

The influence was the man I was seeing at the time, we were feeling very loving towards one another.  It was a very happy and calm period of satisfaction.  I was definitely celebrating my yin, so to speak.

I think I captured the essence of woman with the rose to pink shades and for me the green represents the heart chakra, love.  There are flowers as well, flower gardens and gifts of flowers are usually tended to or given to women.  I also included a visual I enjoy, when the moon is just a crescent yet you can see the entire shape in shadow. Love that!

This was a very fun and easy piece…I can tell you my mood by the flow and colors. I was pretty darn happy then. There are musical notes, skinny people and birds that I can see in this piece…What do you see?

Feels Great to be able to share these creations with you…Peace!

Acrylic on paper, 18 x 25″, unframed.   Price: $880.oo*  On Sale $690.oo

*Prints available

The End of this Gallery.

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