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Abstract Nesting tables

 October 19, 2012

These Nesting Tables were a gift from a woman in Redwood Shores. I had gone to her house to pick up a food processor. While I was there she offered me several items!

These Nesting Tables were one of those items. I hope you can tell from this photo that they were painted together as one painting. When I got them they had no tops, so my friend Scottie cut some wood for me to fit.

The ceramic and glass pieces were affixed before painting. I also painted the iron/metal with black lacquer. They have ornate legs that curl and form a heart shape at top.

All of the tables have been painted with clear coat(s) of sealant. They can be used indoors or out.

What great fun it was creating these tables. I hope you enjoy seeing them. Peace! Z

Metal and Wood, Acrylic and Latex, Clear Coat Sealant, Fun! NFS


Hurricane Sandy

October 31, 2012

“Hurricane Sandy”

I created this piece while the hurricane was pummeling my home state, New York.

I understand the devastation of property and buildings is obvious while the destruction of nature in the area is more the subject of my piece. Of course everyone will see what they see.. My interpretation is that of the sea, the land, the trees, the fish, the flowers…all of the small and large creatures. Our winged friends, the four-legged and the finned ones.

This piece allowed me to channel the energy I was experiencing within as the updates and pictures of this storms affect were coming in on-line.

My prayers and energy go out to those in the path of this storm. May all beings be safe. May all beings find their way.    Peace! Zoe

Acrylic on canvas 18 x 24,  unframed.  *NFS was Auctioned    

Happy Halloween everyone…in the wake of this super storm I would like to AUCTION this piece with a large percentage of the proceeds to go to help the people who have lost their homes, those who need help with meals, common necessities, warmth and understanding due to Hurricane Sandy.

The auction is now  open. The biding starts at $350.00 (US).  The Auction will end at 12 midnight today. 10/31/2012.

Please send your Private Bid to:  Zoe@ZoeFrazier.com

The highest bidder will be announced 11/01/2012   here on my web-site and via FaceBook posting.

Paypal will be used for this transaction, so please open an account if you do not already have one. Good Luck!

AUCTION Results: “Hurricane Sandy” has a very happy new owner who asked that his name and donation amount remain anonymous! Thank you everyone that participated! Z : )  


Primal Scream

November 10, 2012

“Primal Scream” created October 18, 2012

I started this piece with the single blue marking of paint down the middle, with nothing in particular in mind. I believe that the pink background was influencing me on an unconscious level.

I stepped back several times to look at my piece, I could only see where the paint was to go, not the image that finally appeared to my eyes.

When it felt complete,I stepped back again. There it was Primal Scream.

Acrylic on canvas 18 x 24,  unframed. Price: $888.oo* Sale Price $450.oo

*Prints Available


"Del Blue"
Del Blue

created November 15, 2012

The mention of the color blue being a ‘favorite color’ several times during the last few weeks gave me the idea to do a piece that was mainly blue.  I did use some accents of silver and white and many shades of blue.

Everything seemed to be swirling and twirling about as the brush touched the canvas.  It was another of those ‘automatic’ pieces.

Even though I had the color in mind, this is a painting that came from within…

Acrylic and latex on canvas 18 x 24,  unframed. Price: $888.00* SOLD

*Prints Available



“Twins” created sometime in 1992

This is a beginner painting that I created in the early ’90′s. I was just learning how to use paint for fun. I had always sketched in pencil, pen, marker and pastels.

I can see now that even then the images were given to me. They were from that soft still voice..from dreams..from life.

It was a tremendous gift that I only fully realized in the last 10 years. I had trusted all the sketching and done that endlessly..it became tiresome. I sketched so many trees!

It is always the choice of the viewer what they may see. Just like life!

Acrylic on  heavy paper 32″ x 40″,  unframed. Price: $601.oo* Sale Price $325.oo

*Prints Available


"A Golden Sunrise"
A Golden Sunrise









January 1, 2013

Although this painting was signed and dated in September 2012, it was not really completed until a week or so ago.  I had done a typical sunrise, ‘oceanscape’ kind of painting. It was a request from a friend.

Just couldn’t get it to feel right. I had my friend see it and say how they liked it and they would love to have it.  Okay, no problem, that’s great. It just doesn’t feel like mine or like it is finished. Give me some time with it….no problem.

So I put it back on the easel. I looked at it for several days, not liking it much. Like I said, it didn’t feel like mine. It was flat an boring to my eyes.

Since painting has become my voice, my emotions and sometimes my pain, I reached for that inspiration.  I started to put colors in small cups and diluting it. I was surprised and then I knew what was coming! Time to fling some paint….lol!

You know, once I did that, I even added some purple sparkles. It felt good now, it felt like mine…a little crazy and shimmering with light!

Funny thing, I sometimes forget and think I am actually in charge of anything…  Then something like this piece happens to remind me.

The Golden Age, A Golden Sunrise. I could not have planned it myself.  I am full of Gratitude for the continued direction, protection and love I consistently receive in this life.

Acrylic on canvas 32″ x 40″,  unframed. *Price: $1013.00 * SOLD

*Prints Available


"The Eyes of March"
The Eyes of March


Created during March, actually completed on March 27, 2013.

I began this piece with a photo of a beautiful red sunset. It was a stunning photo.

As you can see this is no sunset picture..lol!

What I had intended, once again, is not what resulted. I am good with that. When that happens, it means to me, that I truly let go and let come what may…

Acrylic on canvas 18″ x 24″,  unframed. Price: $1013.oo* Sale Price $550.oo

*Prints Available


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