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May 10, 2014

“88”  I had not painted in quite some time. I had knee surgery in February this year, the months before and after were filled with pain and learning how to walk again.

So I came back to it in May when health problems with my Dad had me, to say the least, concerned.

I returned to the easel with just two prepared canvases left I started. I went into that world where everything ceases. It is just the paint and canvas. After a while I stepped back to look. Not sure what this will end up as at all. I continued to paint a bit longer, had to get some more colors out. And then it was done.

I looked at this piece for days, nearly a week, before I could see what it was. My Dad turned 88 in January 2014. I was concerned about him when I went to the white ocean of canvas. What resulted was this colorful abstract which houses a large 88! It’s for my Dad!

So if you can see the 88 awesome! If you cannot, try squinting just a bit, or looking from your periphery…it sometimes helps.

Love and Peace!

Gifted my Dad on his birthday *NFS




















               June 16, 2014

This one came to me as many of the others. This one came with ecstatic feelings of gratitude for being alive. Also within the work came the understanding of all the “under workings” of life and living. All the roots that grow and the interest they are given or not.

It just seemed way too much for words and so it is!

Acrylic on canvas 18″ x 24″,  unframed. *Price: $1313.oo* Sale Price $920.oo

*Prints available














October 22, 2014

Changes, we all have them! In life changes are a given. In the case of this painting it is a change of pallet – completely. Well, maybe except for a little green. These are colors I hardly use and I pushed myself to use something different. It caused a change in me. A stretch, a push to another space. Much Gratitude! Peace.

Acrylic on paper  32″ x 20″,  unframed. *Price: $513.oo* Sale Price $230.oo

*Prints available



What's up!
What’s up!

February 13, 2015

I was thinking whales and ocean. What came out is sort of fishy and bubbly. Isn’t it?

Acrylic on paper, 32″ x 20″ unframed.  Price: $626.oo* Sale Price $340.oo

* Prints available





Painted with much haste and delight. Thinking of luscious grapes on the vine. A fun piece!

Acrylic and oil on matt board, 32″ x 40″   Price: $650.00 Sale Price $280.oo


I Land
I Land


Rather not say much, leave it to you to interpret your own way. I used quite a few materials on this one. My fav acrylic paint, then some sand and sea shells and red dirt from Kauai with a sprinkling of sparkles.

Acrylic on canvas, 18″ x 24″  Price: $888.00 Sale Price $480.oo

The End of this Gallery.


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