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Sensual Mixology 21 x 48
Sensual Mixology






I really love this piece, It is one showing many dancing and connecting and delighting in each other’s company. I had a real Marvin Gaye feeling and experience with this one.

Actually a brighter piece than as depicted, more yellow in the mix with a yellow boarder on this unusual oval canvas. Great fun for me! (My photography is still lacking, apologies)

Acrylic on canvas, Oval 21″ x 48″  Price: $1, 988.00 Sale Price $980.oo




another of my works from 2015. I painted it in this direction and felt it to be a multi level view through the world, perhaps a birds eye view. I have since noticed so much more…. when I turn it to the left sideways there appears to be woman..perhaps taking a bath with soap lathered on her shoulder…always so much more to see!

Please make of it what you will, that is in fact the idea of abstraction. Your view is the correct view for you and so on. I love when others tell me things they see in my paintings!  Enjoy viewing!

Acrylic on paper, 32″ x 40″  Price: 888.00* Sale Price $475.oo

*Prints available














I really spent some time on this piece. It was a layering of colors. A natural dripping and then some well placed strokes intended to define and deepen the image. Wondering why I call it Wisdom? lol!

Acrylic and colored pencil on purple matt board, 32″ x 40″  Price: 1,688.00 Sale Price $695.





June 21, 2012

Perhaps this might be more aptly named releasing chaos!

It is the first painting I had done in this month. It felt good to have brush in hand, and paint colors ready.

I had little or nothing in mind except to use a lot of paint…make it very ‘painterly’ as they call it.  Again, the fun of creating took hold and this is the resulting piece. This chaos.

When in fact is was all placed with the precision of my inner artist using intuitive sensing. What FUN! Enjoy!

Acrylic on Canvas, 20″ x 24″ .  Price: $1,120.oo Sale Price $620.oo






The END of this Gallery.